Pipelayer ТG20.45
Pipelayer ТG20.45

Pipelayer ТG20.45

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Pipelayer TG20.45

Designed for laying pipelines, as well as for lifting work in construction.

TG20.45 is equipped with a YaMZ-238 engine with a power of 240 hp.

Equipped with a load limiter AZK-110, which provides protection against overturning of cargo and overloads.



Type YaMZ-238
Power kW / hp 176/240
Min specific consumption g / kW (g / hp) 214 (157)
Working volume 14.86 l
Torque /
stock of torque torque / power
883 Nm at 1250-1450 rpm
Electric starter St25.3708-01 / 8.1 kW
Generator 24 V / 55 A
Battery 2 * 12V / 2 * 132 Ah
Preheating with autonomous heating function
Teplostar 14TS-10


A type Rigid, four-point
Frame High-strength steel supporting structure, precision welded
Skating rinks Lifetime lubricated on plain bearings (bushings)
Number of rollers
7 & supports on each side / 2 supports on each side
Shoe Width / Grouser
45 reinforced shoes on each side
900 mm
65 mm

Track tensioning mechanism Hydraulic, manual


Type Hydrostatic Bosch-Rexroth (Germany) / or analog (Germany-Italy)
Gearbox Executed by a pair of hydraulic pump-hydraulic motor with infinitely variable gear shifting
Onboard reducers Planetary (Germany / Italy)
Control Electro-Hydroserving
Brake system Hydraulic (hydraulic lock), normally closed multi-disc clutches

Attachment control system

A type Hydraulic, separate-aggregate
Hydraulic pump PSM 310.80
Maximum pressure 28 MPa
Hydraulic distributor Sectional (Belarus)
Filtration Double cleaning: suction;
full-flow on drain

Operator's seat. Motion control

Cabin Hexagonal, high visibility, double-glazed, sprung
Escape hatch, FOPS, external battery compartment
Ergonomic, with seat belt
Traffic and Attachment Control
Joysticks 4-position

Refueling volumes

Cooling system 60 l
Fuel tank
400 l
Internal combustion engine lubrication system
32 l
Bot gear 8 l
Hydraulic transmission system and hydraulic system of attachments
150 l

Рабочая масса

Weight, t 28.55 / 28.55
Specific ground pressure (from equipment)
0.054 MPa

Pipe-laying equipment. Dimensions in brackets () are for a 9 m boom.

Hook Driven through a chain hoist system with a winch
Lift height
5.9 (7.9) m
Hook lowering depth 2.5 m
Lifting speed - lowering from 0.036 m / s to 0.179 m / s
Counterweight stacked from 2 plates Tiltable, weight 4000kg
Arrow Box-section welded construction. Driven through a chain hoist system with a winch.
Winch Double drum with hydraulic drive
Rated lifting capacity at an outreach of 2.5 m 20 t
Maximum calculated lifting capacity
41 t

Standard equipment

Lights - four front and two rear lights
Dry type air cleaner with dust extractor and dust indicator
Tool kit
Full armoring of the bottom
Fire extinguisher mount
Sun visor

Additional equipment

AM / FM radio with disc player
Air conditioner
Vandalism protection kit
Welding transformer 2- / 4-station
Fuel moisture separator
First aid kit
Fire extinguisher

Safety devices

AZK-110 - to protect against overloads and overturning of cargo (or analogue)
Protection when working in the area of ​​power lines
Data on the mass of the load being lifted, the maximum carrying capacity, the boom reach, the angle of the boom relative to the horizon.
Boom reach indicator for determining maximum lifting capacity
Light and sound signaling devices, flashing light and buzzer, triggered in parallel with the load limiter
Hook stop for automatic hook stop
Device for automatic stop of the boom in the end position

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