Pipelayer ТG12.25
Pipelayer ТG12.25

Pipelayer ТG12.25

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Reliable pipelayer with high load capacity
Pipelayer TO12.25 is equipped with hydraulic planetary winches.

The model is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission with a drive of caterpillars, which ensures high maneuverability and stability of the machine even in swampy and loose soils.

The maximum reach of the boom is 9 meters.



Type YMZ-236
Power, kW/hp 132/180
Min rated consumption, g/kW (g/hp) 214 (157)
Operating volume 11.15 l
Torque / torque
backup / reserve power
667 Nm at 1250-1450 rpm
Electric starter St25.3708-01 / 8.1 kW
Generator 24V / 55A
Storage battery 2*12V/ 2*132Ah
Pre-heating with autonomous heating function
14TC-10 Teplostar


Type rigid, four-point
Frame load-bearing structure made of HSS steel, high welding accuracy
Track rollers lifetime lubricated, on sliding bearings (journals)
Number of track rollers
7 bottom rollers on each side / 2 carrier rollers on each side
Track chain 45 reinforced track shoes on each side
Track shoe width 900 mm
Track shoe grouser 65 mm
Track adjuster hydraulic


Type hydrostatic, Bosch-Rexroth (Germany)
Transmission hydraulic pump coupled with hydraulic motor with stepless transmission shift
On-board gearboxes planetary (Italy)
Control electric and hydraulic servo
Brake system hydraulic (pilot-operated check valve), normally closed multiple-disc clutches

Attachable Implement Control System

Type hydraulic, separate for each device
Hydraulic pump PSM 310.80
Max pressure 28 MPa
Control valve sectional (Belarus)
Filtration double filtration: at suction, full-flow at discharge

Filling Values

Cooling system 60 l
Fuel tank 400 l
Engine lubrication system
32 l
On-board gearbox 8 l
Transmission and attachable implement hydraulic system 150 l

Operator’s Seat. Travel Control

Cab hexagonal, improved visibility, twindow insulation, with springs
Safety emergency hatch, FOPS, outer battery compartment
Seat ergonomic, with seat belt
Travel and attachable implement control 4-position joysticks

Pipelayer Equipment

Hook is actuated through a sheave system with a winch
Hoisting height
5.9 (7.9) m
Hook lowering height 2.5 m
Hoisting/ lowering speed from 0.036 m/sec to 0.179 m/sec
Counterweight is built of 2 plates non-detachable, weight is 4000 kg
Winch double-drum with hydraulic drive
Nominal load capacity at 2.5 m boom reach 12t
Max calculated load capacity 25 t

Operating Weight

Weight, t 24.2
Specific ground pressure (from the equipment)
0.053 mPa

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