Bulldozer D10 Mulcher
Bulldozer D10 Mulcher

Bulldozer D10 Mulcher


The bulldozer in this configuration is designed for & nbsp; clearing the area from trees, stumps and bushes

Taking into account the upcoming load, the car was equipped with an increased power YaMZ-536 engine.

This design allows the mulcher to be connected directly to the hydraulic system of the bulldozer. And the unit itself is equipped with two hydraulic motors, which allows it to be directly controlled without using mechanical joints with the bulldozer.

The new hexagonal cab provides the operator with comfort, a spacious, ergonomic work area and a good view of the working parts of the machine.

The cab is equipped with a tilt mechanism that allows you to get full access to the hydraulic transmission of the tractor during maintenance and repair.

The movement and equipment of the bulldozer is controlled by joysticks.

Air conditioner as standard.



Model UM-Forest prof 220H
Shaft diameter by tooth, mm 505
Weight, kg 2100
Width, mm 2550
Working width, mm 2200
Height, mm 1100
Depth mm 1080
Rotor drive Hydraulic
Drive type 2-sided
Number of drive belts, pcs 2x5
Number of hydraulic motors, pcs 2
Hydraulic motor volume, cm 3 160
Hydroflow, l / min 500
Hydraulic system pressure, bar 320
Rotor speed, rpm up to 1700
Tooth type Fixed
Number of teeth 48
Slide adjustment there is
Hydraulic pusher frame there is
Diameter of trees to be crushed, mm up to 400
Working speed, km / h 0.5-5


Type Linear
Frame High-strength steel supporting structure, precision welded
Skating rinks Lifetime lubricated, sleeve bearings
Number of rollers 7 supports on each side / 2 supports on each side
Track tape /
shoe width /
45 shoes on each side / 500mm / 65mm
Support surface area, S support
4.72 m 2
Track tensioning mechanism hydraulic


Type Electronically Controlled Hydrostatic
made as a pair of hydraulic pump-hydraulic motor with infinitely variable switching
Onboard reducers
Planetary (Germany / Italy)
Braking system
Hydraulic (hydraulic lock), normally closed multi-disc clutches

Attachment control system

Type Hydraulic, separate-modular
Hydraulic pump

Gear pump NSh-100,

optional Bosch-Rexroth A10V0 100 with LS and LUDV in the distributor

Maximum pressure 18 MPa
Hydraulic distributor
Sectional (Belarus)
Triple cleaning: suction; full-flow at the drain and separate filters in the transmission make-up circuit of each side

Operator's seat. Motion control

Cabin Hexagonal, high visibility, sprung, double glazing, climate system (heating, air conditioning and ventilation), cabin air recirculation, enlarged cab filter, recirculated air filter, windshield wipers and washers for front, rear and door windows, sun shade. Air conditioner.
Supply ventilation (with filter and overpressure valve), ROPS / FOPS integrated in the cab, external battery compartment
Mechanical suspension, removable headrest, 3-point seat belt, heated cushion and backrest, mechanical lumbar support, with presence sensor.
Traffic and Attachment Control
Joysticks 4-position

Filling Values

Cooling system
60 L
Fuel tank
400 L
Internal combustion engine lubrication system
29 L
Hydraulic transmission system and hydraulic system of attachments
200 L

Parameters under Load

Limiting speeds at 2100 rpm, km / h
Forward-11, Back-11

Standard equipment

Climate system
Lights - four front and two rear lights
Filter separator for diesel fuel
Tool kit
Bottom armor
Fire extinguisher mount
Front pulling hook
Blower fan

Bulldozer and ripping equipment (standard)

Mulcher plant
UM-Forest prof 220H
Ripper: single shank type H
deepening, mm
weight, kg



Type YaMZ-536
Power kW / hp at rated speed, rpm 176/240
Working volume, l 6.65 /
24 V / 55 A
2 * 12V / 2 * 132 Ah
Prestarting heating with autonomous heating function
Teplostar 14TS-10

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