Bulldozer D20
Bulldozer D20

Bulldozer D20


The D20 bulldozer is a & nbsp; heavy & nbsp; machine based on the D20 tractor

Equipped with hydrostatic transmission. & Nbsp;

The bulldozer is equipped with & nbsp; engine & nbsp; Cummins QSL8,9 C-340 & nbsp; with a capacity of 340 hp & nbsp;

The bulldozer and equipment are controlled by joysticks.



Type / Manufacturer Cummins QSL8.9 C-340
Power kW / hp & nbsp; 250/340
Working volume 8.9 l
Generator 24V / 110A
Battery 2 * 12V / 2 * 210 Ah
Preheating with autonomous heating function
Webasto Thermo E 320


Type & nbsp; Electronically controlled hydrostatic
Gearbox & nbsp; Equipped with a hydraulic pump-hydraulic motor pair with a stepless gear shift under load
Onboard reducers Planetary (Germany / Italy)
Control Electro-Hydroserving
Brake system Hydraulic (hydraulic lock), normally closed multi-disc clutches


A type Linear, three-point support for crawler tracks with balance beam
Frame High-strength steel supporting structure, precision welded
Skating rinks Lifetime lubricated on plain bearings (bushings)
Number of rollers
7 & nbsp; support + drive wheel per side / 2 support on each side

Track tape /
Shoe Width / Lug

41 & nbsp; shoe
560 mm
80 mm

Support surface area, S support
Track width, mm
3.7 m 2

560 & nbsp;
Track tensioning mechanism Hydraulic

Attachment control system

A type Hydraulic, separate-aggregate
Hydraulic pump & nbsp; & nbsp; Axial piston & nbsp;
Productivity 300 l / min
Maximum pressure 25 MPa
Hydraulic distributor Sectional
Filtration Double cleaning: suction; & nbsp;
full-flow on drain

Operator's seat. Motion control

Cabin Hexagonal, high visibility, sprung, double glazing, climate system (heating, & nbsp; ventilation), cabin air recirculation, enlarged cab filter, recirculated air filter, windshield wipers and washers for front, rear and door windows, sun blind. Air conditioner.
ROPS / FOPS, door hold open
Suspended, with hydraulic shock absorber, weight adjustment, height adjustment, cushion tilt adjustment, cushion length adjustment, backrest angle adjustment, high backrest, 3-point seat belt, headrest, adjustable lumbar support, heated backrest and cushions.
Traffic and Attachment Control
Joysticks 4-position

Filling Values

Cooling system 80 l
Fuel tank
680 l
Internal combustion engine lubrication system
35 l
Hydraulic transmission system and hydraulic system of attachments
200 l

Parameters under Load

Limiting speeds at 1900 rpm, km / h Forward - 10, backward - 10

Standard equipment

Air conditioner
Lights - four front and two rear lights & nbsp; & nbsp;
Filter separator for diesel & nbsp; fuel
Tool kit
Bottom armor is sealed
Fire extinguisher mount
Front pulling hook

Noise level. Equivalent sound level, dBA

Minimum idle speed (700rpm) 64.7 ± 0.7 & nbsp;
Nominal engine speed (1900 rpm)
69.6 ± 0.7
Minimum idle speed (700 rpm, without ventilation, oven at full swing)
70.7 ± 0.7
Rated speed of the internal combustion engine (1900 rpm, without ventilation, oven at max) 71.5 ± 0.7
Movement (1500 rpm, 3rd gear, max deflection of the joystick)
75.6 ± 0.7

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