Bulldozer D15
Bulldozer D15

Bulldozer D15

Made in Chelyabinsk!

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Bulldozer D15 is a heavy equipment, based on the tractor D15.

Hydrostatic transmission Bosch-Rexroth.

The bulldozer is equipped with a Cummins engine (produced by the Russian plant Cummins Kama CJSC) with a capacity of 340 horsepower.

Control of the movement and equipment of the bulldozer is done with joysticks.



Type Cummins QSL 8,9 
Power, kW/hp
Operating volume 14.86 l
Generator 24V/55A
Storage battery 2*12V/ 2*132Ah
Pre-heating with autonomous heating function
14TC-10 Teplostar


load-bearing structure made of HSS steel, high welding accuracy
Track rollers lifetime lubricated, on sliding bearings (journals)
Number of track rollers 7 bottom rollers on each side/ 2 carrier rollers on each side
Track chain
41 track shoes on each side
Track shoe width
560 mm
Track shoe grouser
80 mm
Bearing area 3.93 m2
Track adjuster hydraulic


Type hydrostatic with electronic control
Transmission hydraulic pump coupled with hydraulic motor with stepless transmission shift
On-board gearboxes planetary (PMP, Italy)
Control electric and hydraulic servo
Brake system hydraulic (pilot-operated check valve), normally closed multiple-disc clutches

Implement Control

Type hydraulic, separate for each device
Hydraulic pump Hydrosila NSh-100
Output: 200 l/min
Max pressure: 20 MPa
Control valve sectional (Belarus)
Filtration double filtration: at suction, full-flow at discharge

Cab and Control

Cab hexagonal, improved visibility, with springs, twindow insulation, climate control system (heating and ventilation), cab air circulation, enlarged cab filter, circulation air filter, windscreen, rear window and door window wipers and washers, sun blind
ergonomic, with springs, two-point seat belt, seat switch
ROPS/FOPS, open door fixation
Travel and attachable implement control
4-position joysticks

Filling Values

Cooling system 60 l
Fuel tank
390 l
Engine lubrication system
29 l
Transmission and implement hydraulic system
200 l

Parameters under Load

Speed limit at 2100 rpm, km/h forward – 11, backward – 11;

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