Self-Propelled Welding Machine
Self-Propelled Welding Machine

Made in Chelyabinsk

Self-Propelled Welding Machine

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The self-propelled welding unit on the TM10 HST9 crawler tractor chassis is a special motorized mechanism used in the configuration with welding equipment.

Welding equipment on the tractor is used in the construction, overhaul and maintenance of gas and oil pipelines and other welding and assembly work.


Technical equipment

Engine YMZ-236M2 (180 hp). Application of a single power unit for driving and for generation
Tight cab has forced ventilation (with a filter), protected from falling objects by FOPS, has outer battery compartment
Crane for loading and offloading, pipe laying. Boom extensions: 2 extensions / 3 extensions (telescopic). Max boom reach is 7.3 m / 7.8 m
Generator stamford electric welding machine of 125 kWA with 6 outputs for connecting welding apparatus
Compartments for welding inverters

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