Cablelayer TM10.00 HST15 KVG-280
Cablelayer TM10.00 HST15 KVG-280

The depth of penetration of the knife is 1300-1500 mm.

Cablelayer TM10.00 HST15 KVG-280

Made in Chelyabinsk!

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Thanks to the use of the 8-roller cart and 600mm of the track, the pressure on the ground was somewhat lowered compared to the base tractor, which makes it possible to use the cable laying machine on soft soils (wetland, swampy, peat). The transport clearance width - 2500 mm - at the same time preserved.

The use of hydrostatic transmission allows the most complete implementation of traction characteristics and provides excellent maneuverability, allows you to perform a large amount of laying work. Maximum draft of 26-28 tons is ensured up to a speed of 1.8 km / h.

Ability to shift the working element of the cable laying machine in a horizontal position by 1200 mm in both directions, and in an upright position.
This ensures cable laying in difficult terrain conditions.

Vibration of the cable-laying knife in the vertical direction leads, depending on the ground and speed of movement, to a reduction of traction resistance by 30-60%.

Under the influence of vibrations of the working element, in a destructible medium, the particles separate from the massif and begin to oscillate, moving relative to the working member of the cable-laying knife. There is a displacement of the ground from the base of the conditional trench and alignment of the sole of the cable route. At the same time, water and air are removed from the ground, which capture small particles. Cable laying takes place simultaneously with digging.

The vibrating cable laying does not destroy the top layer of the soil and falls asleep after a trench with a cable. Traces of work practically do not remain.

Possibility of self-loading and self-loading of drums.

The speed of the unit is up to 2.5 km / h


Main characteristics

Cable laying depth, mm 1500
Cable diameter, mm Up to 50 (up to 80 as an option)
Pipe diameter, mm 32, 40, 50, 63
Cable laying speed, km/h 0-2.5
Number of drums, pcs:
- Drum diameter is 2250 mm
- Drum diameter is 2500 mm

2 (3)
Layer part turn to the left and to the right, mm 1225
Operating weight without cable, kg 28000